Four Ways to Choose Between a New or Pre-Owned House For Sale

For most people, buying a home will likely be the largest purchase they will ever make. For this reason, people often have a hard time when it comes to choosing a property. One of the biggest decisions that any buyer must make is whether they prefer a house that has been used in the past or one that is brand new. Here are four things property hunters should consider to help them choose between new and lived-in homes for sale.

Energy Efficiency

With modern materials, construction techniques, and general environmental awareness, homes have never been more energy efficient. Unlike many older structures that were built when energy was much cheaper, new construction is designed to use as little water and electricity as possible. As a result, owners will be faced with utility bills that are significantly lower than if they had chosen an older house for sale.

Craftsmanship and Materials

If one flips through the pages of architectural and home magazines, almost every property that is featured is older. One of the biggest reasons for this is the amazing level of craftsmanship. Hand carved wooden banisters, wrought iron railings, and plaster moldings are commonly found in older construction. One can also find wonderful building materials in older properties, such as old-growth redwood, flame mahogany, and tiger oak. These materials, if they even exist anymore, can be incredibly expensive to install, which in turn would drastically increase the price of a new house for sale.


One of the biggest positives of buying a new house for sale is that no improvements have to be made. The plumbing, electricity, carpet, doors, and light fixtures are all brand new. If by chance something goes wrong shortly after the sale, most items would be covered under a warranty. On the other hand, a pre-owned property might have any number of issues that could arise. The furnace or air conditioner could break, the roof might develop a leak, or there could be a termite infestation. The cost of fixing these issues would more than likely come out of the homeowner’s pocket.


In any town or city, the older properties are almost always in the best geographic locations. This might mean that they were built in areas that are less likely to flood, offer better views, or have better access to town. In short, the vast majority of desirable building locations will already have a building on them. Buyers will have a much easier time finding an older house for sale in a good area than they will a newer one.

When it comes to choosing between a lived in and a new house for sale, both options offer advantages and disadvantages. Buyers should consider their budget, the location of their jobs, and their needs as homeowners before making a decision.

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Calgary Houses for Sale – Know Your Options, Price Trend and Role of a Real Estate Agent

Calgary, with a huge population of more than 1.06 million is the biggest city in Alberta Province, Canada. The city occupies Grassland region of the state and is famous for its winter sports and ecotourism promotion. Its economy thrives on booming petroleum industry. Stupendous economic growth has helped the city find a good ranking in the Mercer Quality of Living Survey for three years (2006-08) at a row. These factors have stepped up the prices of Calgary houses for sale.

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Calgary is one of the best cities around the globe for living and this explains why people are getting crazy to buy houses here. Increasing demand is a believable reason to have shored up the house prices by a few notches. There are literally plenty of options for those struggling to find out a house that meets their exact requirements subjected to their budget constraint. You get a choice to select from an apartment, a single-family home or even a condo.

Role of a Real Estate Agent

The real estate contractors advertise about the new projects. The second hand flats and apartments are also on sale. Newspaper and internet are great sources to learn such information. Total area space, price (often at per sq. ft rate) as well as contact details are also given in the advertisements. Alternatively you can engage a reliable Calgary Alberta Real Estate agent instead of searching for houses on your own.

The agent usually demands a percentage of the house price as their payment for successful negotiation. If you think that it will push up your expenses, comforting news is successful negotiation will convince the sellers or promoter to cut the price down to a more affordable level.

Calgary Real Estate Market – Current Scenario

Despite the worldwide slump in real estate business, Calgary property market managed to stand strong. The fact that it has successfully withstood economic crisis is evident from increasing sales of residential properties. According to a survey, the houses for sale in Calgary Alberta have registered an overwhelming rise over the last couple of years.

An important piece of Information should not escape the scope of this article that over the last few years, prices of both condos and single family homes in Calgary surprisingly took a nosedive.

Price Trend in Calgary Real Estate Market

Price trend in Calgary real estate market shows that property prices in Metro area have increased by leaps and bounds since 2008. There are reasons to believe that this price trend will continue but not along a linear line, rather at an accelerating rate.

Affordable Houses for Sale in Coventry, West Midlands

Coventry is one of the areas that sits at the other end of the spectrum, with prices of houses for sale barely reaching a 2% annual increase. Combining this low growth rate with house values that remained significantly below the national average in 2013, Coventry is one of the most affordable areas to buy property in.

With prices of houses available for sale in Coventry set to stay at sensible levels of affordability in the near future, both first time buyers and homeowners looking to up-size have all the reasons to start thinking about buying a property in the following year. The local property market currently provides a wealth of houses for sale, in Coventry city centre and all major residential areas around it; and incentives for residential home buying, such as the Government’s Help to Buy scheme, are easily accessible.

Buy-to-let houses for sale in Coventry

Coventry also presents a great opportunity for landlords and home buyers looking to invest in buy-to-let property. A survey conducted by Zoopla in December placed Coventry at the top of the 50 UK cities with the highest yields achieved by landlords from buy-to-let properties (8.9%). This remarkable score can be explained by the existence of a high demand in rental accommodation in the area, which fuels constantly competitive rents, while property retained reasonable selling prices throughout the year. The trend looks set to continue in the short and medium term, making 2014 the perfect time to start looking for houses for sale in Coventry and buying investment properties in the area.

Prices of houses available for sale in Coventry

If you have decided to buy a property in Coventry this year, you should rest assured there are plenty of houses available for sale to choose from. Coventry estate agents report that the area offers a good selection of terraced and semi-detached houses for sale with average prices ranging from £150.000 to £200.000, while larger detached houses located in the more sought after Coventry residential areas, such as Syvechale, Earlsdon or Binley, can reach selling prices as high as £400.000, depending on the level of accommodation provided and property features.

With Coventry property market offering such a diverse range of properties for sale, it is always wise to seek help and advice from local estate agents. They will be able to offer detailed information on the Coventry housing profile, most popular residential areas, local schools and public facilities, as well as guide you through finding and booking viewings for the best suited houses for sale in Coventry, based on your budget and requirements.