Calgary Houses for Sale – Know Your Options, Price Trend and Role of a Real Estate Agent

Calgary, with a huge population of more than 1.06 million is the biggest city in Alberta Province, Canada. The city occupies Grassland region of the state and is famous for its winter sports and ecotourism promotion. Its economy thrives on booming petroleum industry. Stupendous economic growth has helped the city find a good ranking in the Mercer Quality of Living Survey for three years (2006-08) at a row. These factors have stepped up the prices of Calgary houses for sale.

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Calgary is one of the best cities around the globe for living and this explains why people are getting crazy to buy houses here. Increasing demand is a believable reason to have shored up the house prices by a few notches. There are literally plenty of options for those struggling to find out a house that meets their exact requirements subjected to their budget constraint. You get a choice to select from an apartment, a single-family home or even a condo.

Role of a Real Estate Agent

The real estate contractors advertise about the new projects. The second hand flats and apartments are also on sale. Newspaper and internet are great sources to learn such information. Total area space, price (often at per sq. ft rate) as well as contact details are also given in the advertisements. Alternatively you can engage a reliable Calgary Alberta Real Estate agent instead of searching for houses on your own.

The agent usually demands a percentage of the house price as their payment for successful negotiation. If you think that it will push up your expenses, comforting news is successful negotiation will convince the sellers or promoter to cut the price down to a more affordable level.

Calgary Real Estate Market – Current Scenario

Despite the worldwide slump in real estate business, Calgary property market managed to stand strong. The fact that it has successfully withstood economic crisis is evident from increasing sales of residential properties. According to a survey, the houses for sale in Calgary Alberta have registered an overwhelming rise over the last couple of years.

An important piece of Information should not escape the scope of this article that over the last few years, prices of both condos and single family homes in Calgary surprisingly took a nosedive.

Price Trend in Calgary Real Estate Market

Price trend in Calgary real estate market shows that property prices in Metro area have increased by leaps and bounds since 2008. There are reasons to believe that this price trend will continue but not along a linear line, rather at an accelerating rate.